The World’s Fastest, Most Automated Vapor Phase Decomposition System

Online Monitoring of Silicon Wafer Surface and Edge for Metal Contamination

The Radian VPD-ICPMS (Vapor Phase Decomposition) is a high-throughput, completely automated production tool for online monitoring of metal contamination on semiconductor wafers with ultra-low detection limits. The Radian’s single process station design, ultrafast scanner, and fully integrated ICPMS makes it the fastest, most automated Vapor Phase Decomposition in the world.

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Compact and High Productivity Models

  • Radian 3 VPD-ICPMS – Compact high productivity with all-in-one process module
  • Radian 7 VPD-ICPMS – Highest productivity with dual all-in-one process modules

High Throughput

  • Innovative radial fast-scanning nozzle
    • Scans wafer surface in 60 seconds or less
  • All-in-one process module
    • VPD, scanning, cleaning and drying
  • Edge, bevel, front-side and back-side scanning

Fab Integration

  • Fully automated OHT interface and SECS-GEM
  • Direct bulk chemical connections from facility or bottle supply
  • Advance ICPMS integration with automatic tune and autocalibration

High Performance

  • Hydrophilic, thick oxide and novel wafer materials
  • Immediate transfer and analysis of scan solutions
    • Eliminates risk of contamination or evaporation from separate vessel
  • Ultra-low 105 - 108 atoms/cm2 detection capability
  • Inline preparation of scan solution
  • On-demand chemistry based on wafer types